Container First? Meet Quarkus, Kubernetes-native Java from Red Hat

Container First? Meet Quarkus, Kubernetes-native Java from Red Hat

Container First?  Meet Quarkus, Kubernetes-native Java from Red Hat
We would like to thank you for your interest on our joint webinar with Red Hat regarding the changes that the newly announced Quarkus framework brings to the world of Java and cloud-native development. For those attending it, we hope that you managed to get a thorough perspective on the benefits of Quarkus by listening to Red Hat, Uni Systems and Vodafone Greece, an early-adopter customer, explaining why Quarkus makes an ideal choice for container-based solutions including microservices and serverless applications. 

Below, you may find the presentations as well as the webinar recording.  


* All presentations were delivered in Greek. 

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Quarkus in action: Demo by Giorgos Andrianakis, Key Quarkus Contributor
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