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In modern globalized market economy, private enterprises are the backbone of economic growth, employment, innovation and entrepreneurship. Private enterprises, independently of the sector of activity, phase dramatic changes in their business environment: financial crisis and instability, fierce competition, margin erosion, disruptive new entrances, mergers & acquisitions, going global, partnerships & collaborations, keep know-how and personnel. In order to remain in business and be competitive, private enterprises and utilities must integrate technology into their day-to-day operations to improve business processes, reduce cost, learn more about their clients, provide better support, offer new products or services, control and monitor processes, collaborate. In general do more with less.

Enterprises and utilities

Uni Systems provides private enterprises and utilities with powerful tools and solutions that allow them to respond to today’s globalized business challenges and uncertainties. Respecting existing infrastructure and ICT investments, we can propose the solutions that will guide an enterprise to a better level of business automation.

enterprise sector


We provide a full range of ICT solutions for all type of private enterprises and utilities independent of their area of activities: retail, wholesale, logistics operators, pharmaceuticals, maritime & freight management, oil & gas companies etc. For more than 50 years, hundreds of private enterprises rely on Uni Systems’ infrastructure and business applications in performing their day-today business processes.


Uni Systems is able to assess existing ICT infrastructure and business applications and propose a full transformation strategy and business process improvement by introducing innovative infrastructure architectures like: centralized/virtualized infrastructure, cloud services, data center consolidation, network and fiber consolidation and optimization, applications & OS delivery platforms, RDBMS consolidation, forms processing. 

On the business application area, Uni Systems offers state-of-the-art platforms or product-based services that allow the full automation of any business processes in the areas of CRM, HRMS/Payroll, Portal Solutions, BI/DWH, Enterprise Content & Collaboration Management etc. Uni Systems’ business consultants, system and software engineers are able to consult and guide any type of enterprise in adopting innovative solutions and best-practices for transforming and improving existing ICT systems. In an era where the key effort is to do more with less, just renegotiating the margins of ICT providers is not enough. The real cost reduction is coming by transforming existing legacy infrastructure and applications into a more productive, integrated, concise and effective business platform. In order to do this you need a holistic approach to ICT which breaks the inhibiting barriers between infrastructure, networks, middleware and software.

enterprie sector


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