Telecommunications Sector

20+ years of experience in the telecoms industry 

Developing New Generation Telecoms

Telecom operators are at the heart of the world-wide communication revolution. Their global networks provide connectivity to fixed and mobile handsets, laptops, servers, storages, PCs and other network -connected devices allowing us to communicate, share thoughts and ideas, do business at rapid pace anywhere in the world. The telecom market deregulation over the last decades has turned traditional players on their heads. Some of the challenges facing telecom operators are increased competition, shrinking margins, rapid development of new technologies, network convergence and an increased subscribers’ demand for new services and content. 

Telecom operators require ICT partners that can modernize, optimize and simplify their networks, improve their internal processes, provide better and innovative services to their clients.

Uni Systems is that kind of partner.


Part of our deep understanding of the telecoms industry comes from our parent company’s investment in fixed and mobile telephony. Info-Quest has invested in companies, such as Panafon (now Vodafone), and service providers like Q-Telecom (now Wind/GSM) and Hellas Online (ISP).These partnerships have provided Uni Systems with unparalleled access to the length and breadth of the telecom industry business. Uni Systems had the role of the strategic ICT partner of these entities for several years. We are fully aware of the challenges and operational risks that lie within the sector. Our telecommunication experts provide solutions to these challenges through targeted strategy and innovation. We understand telecom operators’ needs for seamless interaction and lean operations and we are highly adept at meeting those needs. By providing telecom operators with a comprehensive portfolio of horizontal and vertical solutions, Uni Systems is dedicated in assisting our clients meet their ever changing goals.


Uni Systems is offering customized telecom solutions by our own specialized consultants and experienced engineers. Our solutions meet the requirements of any telecom operator, covering ICT needs, from infrastructure to networks and business applications, according to the eTOM/TMF Business Process Framework. Specifically, Uni Systems provides infrastructure design, implementation and support services for networks and data centers. We are experts in interoperability and IT security while abiding by the telecom provider’s policy and regulatory framework. We also offer services in remote and secure access solutions, business applications, and cloud computing. Our telecom-specific solutions include: IP telephony, IVR/CTI & unified communications, work force management, data/CDR retention & log management, carrier class networking & BSS/OSS. Uni|Case, a CDR/IPDR Forensic Investigations Case Management framework is focused on managing investigation requests from regulators and legal authorities. Uni Systems constantly develops innovative solutions that allow our clients to take full advantage of new technologies so that they can offer their clients cutting-edge services and products.

UniSystems Headquarters

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176 71 Athens, Greece
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