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E-invoicing by Uni Systems

Based on its proven experience and its Data Center capabilities, Uni Systems announces its new e-invoicing and e-archiving service.Ever since e-invoicing was permitted in Greece in 2006 (ΠΟΛ 1049 / 21-03-2006), the number of enterprises that choose to employ this electronic solution is constantly on the rise, in large part due to the immediate return on investment generated through its application.The new service provided by Uni Systems is based on the Archiving/Paperless@Connect software developed by Impact, a company with the most extensive experience in the e-invoicing field in Greece and Uni System's official partner.The solution allows for the smart dispatch of invoices (automated through the web or by e-mail) to recipients, electronically, with no hard copies created, while at the same time archiving the documentation—that can be then promptly retrieved based on multiple search criteria.The service is provided through Uni Systems’ Data Center, one of the most state-of-the-art and secure Data Centers in the Greek market, with ideal temperature and humidity conditions, an uninterrupted power supply, a fire protection system for high-standard fire detection and fire extinguishing, physical access control systems, and 24Χ7Χ365 monitoring.Enterprises that adopts this solution immediately enjoy a dramatic reduction in delivery (post) and document filing (storage) costs.  Additional benefits include the prompt and secure delivery of documents and the reduced time required to search and retrie them compared with a manual archiving system.