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Upgrade for Uni Systems Q-Prime ERP / Financials

The widely used platform, employed by the majority of agencies/organizations of the General Government, fully complies with Presidential Decree 113/2010 ‘regarding the assumption of obligations by authorizing officers’With its important customer base in the Public Administration sector, and within the framework of supporting fiscal policy, Uni Systems announces the new edition of Q-Prime ERP/Financials R.4, the technology platform for software products.

The updated and customised software, which was entirely developed by Uni Systems, evolved from the need to meet the requirements that arise from the applicability of Presidential Decree 113/2010 ‘regarding the assumption of obligations by authorizing officers’ and pertains to all the agencies/organizations of the General Government of Greece.The updated functions of the system cover the financial and accounting management of the agencies/organisations in its entirety, since they have been adjusted to meet the special requirements set out in Presidential Decrees 205/98, 315/99, 113/10 (regarding sectoral accounting plans of public entities, local governmental authorities [OTA], the implementation of a double-entry system, the assumption of obligations by authorising officers).

In addition, Q-Prime ERP/Financials R.4. is fully compliant with the requirements of the agencies/organisations that have arisen as a result of the implementation of the “Kallikratis” plan, namely public entities, municipal undertakings, limited public  development companies, and utility companies.Its operational integrity, user-friendly approach and technological excellence are features that have been underlined by the users of Q-Prime ERP/Financials R.4., making it one of today’s most reliable and complete financial and accounting management systems for the Public Administration sector.