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Adapting to a New IT Reality

The current challenge for ICT infrastructure is how to do more with less. Simply cutting ICT service related costs may not bring intended overall cost reductions. Instead, your existing IT infrastructure has to be re-evaluated so that innovated architectures can be introduced and implemented to ensure your IT environment remains agile and functions at its optimum capacity.

We have a deep knowledge of new architectures, alternative solutions and a holistic view to IT infrastructure. We assess your existing IT environment against your IT budget and we redesign a new infrastructure architecture that meets your needs and is in line with your business strategy. To achieve this goal, Uni Systems focuses on centralized shared infrastructures and environments and flexible end-user devices.

Over 1000 companies rely on Uni Systems design, implementation and support services for their critical IT infrastructures

We are fostering new architectures and approaches, such as: cloud computing, server & storage virtualization, unified fabrics, application & desktop virtualization, BYOD, data center automation, IT security and system management. Uni Systems is able to support all infrastructure architectures, including: mainframes, open systems, distributed client/server environments, centralized physical or virtualized data centers, unified fabrics, modern cloud computing architectures.


Based on current (ITIL) best practices and international (ISO/IEC 20000) standards, IT infrastructure is addressed as a service that is provided by meeting highly demanding standards (KPIs) in terms of its design, implementation, operation, monitoring, control and measurement. Special emphasis is now placed on operational standards measuring IT system performance, not on purely technological or internal organization standards.

Uni Systems offers services covering a range of consulting and procedure re-engineering issues as well as issues concerning the design and implementation of infrastructure management IT systems.

Infrastructure security poses significant challenges because, on the one hand, it requires and imposes strict and restrictive policies and, on the other hand, it must not impede an organisation’s unhindered operation of IT systems.The remote access provided to a company’s employees, partners and customers, irrespective of the location and access equipment (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, other), must be a leading IT design priority which, at the same time, must comply with the strictest IT security regulations. At Uni Systems we believe that IT security must be fully integrated in the initial design of each IT system and must constitute an integral design component of these systems.

Uni Systems is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001/2013 on IT system security management issues and can provide consulting services related to the development of general or specific security policies for enterprises.

A modern solution integrator must take into account and integrate in each implementation the operational and technological security needs of an organisation.To this end, Uni Systems offers a wide range of services and solutions to meet the prevention, risk assessment and control requirements for IT infrastructure security.

​The global trend for centralised applications in today’s Data Centers has generated a need to manage user access to different business applications easily and efficiently. Application delivery, as well as desktop delivery, is a fundamental component of today’s IT infrastructure architecture. Uni Systems is a pioneer in promoting solutions, architectures, tools for applications and (end user) desktop virtualization. For each of these solutions Uni Systems provides consulting, proof-of-concepts, infrastructure and application assessment, design, sourcing, installation and implementation services.

Uni Systems established customer base includes more than 500 clients as well as more than 50,000 on-line, concurrent users. The company has implemented a variety of IT projects within the entire spectrum of its client base—Banks, Telecommunications, State agencies, Public Utilities, the wider Public Sector.

International analysts agree that information which is electronically managed by an enterprise increases rapidly and, on an annual basis, nearly doubles. Of this information, only 10% is structured information included in business applications (ERP, CRM, SCM) whereas the remaining 90% is unstructured information, existing in the form of different files (e-mails, office automation files, PDFs, scanner images, photos, videos, and the like). For every enterprise, digital information storage, as well as forecasts of future storage media needs, represent a challenge. Despite the fact that prices per Terra Byte are in constant decline, this decline fails to offset the increasing rate of storage room requirements.

At the same time, an organisation must store critical information on a long-term basis and receive security copies in a variety of digital media. As a result, it is vitally important for a company to develop and constantly adjust a thorough, comprehensive and cohesive digital information management policy, addressing issues such as:

Uni Systems offers consulting services for an assessment of currently applicable information storage infrastructure and the engineering or re-engineering of an effective information management architecture, taking into account both current investments and future needs. 

Business Continuity (BC), as well as Disaster Recovery (DR), after any event whatsoever must be a fundamental component of any modern and effective IT system architecture.Disaster Recovery policies focus on strategies, procedures and architectures of IT systems aiming to a speedy recovery of critical business operations in the event of disasters. In essence, such policies arise from the recovery of major alternative central infrastructure functions as well as the availability of alternative job positions and telecommunication infrastructures. The design of these kinds of solutions passes through the overall engineering and re-engineering of an enterprise's information infrastructure. 

The appropriate overall design—and options such as centralization, server & storage virtualization, application & desktop virtualization—are the requirements for an easier and more efficient implementation of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.

By following a holistic approach in IT infrastructure design, Uni Systems is able to provide the most effective solutions and alternative scenarios for designing and implementing BC/DR integrated solutions. In addition, Uni Systems is able to provide its customers with additional services, through its own infrastructure (Data Center), namely: disaster site hosting, disaster site management, and disaster site desktop facilities.

Uni Systems offers modern architectural solutions such as Server & Storage Virtualisation, Application Delivery, VDI, Data Center Automation, Green IT for the organizations that wish to centralise their systems.Solutions must always be adjusted to client needs, while at the same time existing infrastructure and investments have to be taken into consideration. Enterprises should be able to reduce costs and make their infrastructure simpler, by increasing the dynamics for new applications and services to be offered. Consulting services, coupled with current infrastructure assessment, engineering or re-engineering of a modern IT infrastructure (Primary Data Center, Disaster Site, Remote Computer Rooms) are offered to our clients, while  disaster recovery planning, energy & space efficiency assessment, facility management and related services such as relocation services are also available to our customers' disposal. 

Major banking, telecommunications, public and private sector companies rely on services and solutions provided by Uni Systems to handle the operations of their central IT infrastructures.

Businesses of all sizes continue to evolve from point solutions to a full platform approach for mobility. As they do so, they continue to adopt additional apps and the business impact of these apps continues to increse. Enterprise mobility moves well beyond simple mobile device management and basic email services on smart device. To address the Enterprise Mobility challenges, Uni Systems strategically decided to adopt flexible and extensible solutions that support different needs in different business environments resulting in the promotion of user experience and productivity along with simplified and secure IT infrastructure.

Creating effective mobile infrastructure requires an integrated solution that solves challenges up and down the technology stack. The end-to-end solution provides all of the components needed for a complete solution that takes complexity and cost out& of the decision making process, the design and deployment process and ongoing operations.

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