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A Connected World Needs a New Generation of Telecom Solutions

Telecommunications technologies have undergone enormous changes over the last decades. With the convergence of voice, video and data, the proliferation of internet and IP-based protocols, the unification of fabrics in the data centers, the transformation of telecom hardware -specific devices to software systems, a complete new era of telecom solutions is sweeping the industry. All enterprises must re-evaluate and adapt their telecom infrastructures. The traditional dichotomy of system and telecom infrastructure is old-fashioned and obsolete. The new approach is to have a unified/holistic view of the overall infrastructure since the physical separation of the two is difficult to distinct any more. New unified switching and fabrics, traditional PBX devices, firewalls, load balancers, CTI/IVR systems are becoming software systems that can be virtualized into a centralized data center. Uni Systems offers a full range of innovative telecom solutions to all type of public or private enterprises, from networking, to unified communications and customer interaction management. 

Using best-of-breed products from top-class leading vendors blended with high quality services and custom made telecom solutions; our clients are able to transform their telecom infrastructure, improve offered services and increase client satisfaction and loyalty. Our approach is to view the systems and telecoms infrastructure as a unified environment of integrated systems that constitute the underlying platform for business applications to run smoothly and transparently. Design, optimization, monitoring and control are provided in all levels of the unified infrastructure. New systems infrastructure architectures can also be applied in the telecom systems like centralization, virtualization, automation and cloudization. Our telecom related services include: consulting, infrastructure assessment, proof-of-concept, modernization, transformation, design, sourcing, installation, tuning & monitoring, performance improvements, integration, operation & support, outsourcing and managed services.

telecom solutions

Thousands of people use Uni Systems telecom infrastructure solutions to communicate, do business and collaborate with clients,partners and colleagues.

Aligning technology imperatives in a business-relevant networking strategy is more challenging than ever before. Initiatives like mobility, cloud and Internet of Things are essential to meet, while maintaining security, improving operational levels and related costs and accelerating end user satisfaction. In parallel, technology innovations like Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) create new capabilities that fundamentally change the way networks are designed, built and operated. This productive disruption, impose the necessity of new profiles and skills with a broader cross-domain understanding of adjacent technologies. The network is the critical enabling platform for the delivery of business applications and goals. Wether in the data center, campus, branch, cloud, physical, hybrid or virtual, the network is the platform for convergence, service delivery and business transformation.  

We at UniSystems have capitalized our knowledge and experience of large scale implementations in parallel with continuous investment and training of our people. 

We aim to enable our clients accelerate the administrative and operational effectiveness, enhance performance and become more green through energy cut-off. UniSystems modular services portfolio covers a broad range of requirements from assisting to outsourcing including: advisory, deployment, migration, operation, optimization, technical support and turn-key projects. 


Innovate faster with a Digital Ready Network

During the last decade, the market experienced major technology advancement and mass production of end-user devices, namely smartphones, phablets and tablets. The broad availability and competition lead to price drop, resulting in the digitally enabled always connected user; our potential or existing demanding customer. 

The digitally enabled customer has to be served consistently and immediately, regardless of the communication channel selected each time.  The Omni-Channel customer approach coupled with Digitalization, Natural Language Understanding, Workforce Optimization and analytics and Enterprise Workload Management are the forces shaping the transformation of legacy contact centers to the Next Generation Customer Interaction Management of the future required today. UniSystems strategic partnerships and comprehensive solution portfolio guarantee the successful transition to Next Generation Customer Interaction Management solutions, that enable a personalized cross-channel experience. 

Each of these solutions are supported by Uni Systems professional services which guarantee  the efficient and on-time transformation. Uni Systems established customer base includes some of the largest and most complex Contact Centers and IVR environments in the area. The Company has implemented a variety of projects covering the entire spectrum of market sectors including telecommunications, banks, insurance, enterprise and governmental agencies.


The role of the Contact Centre, being the first touch-point for the client, is more crucial than ever before, impacting the clients’ perception of our business.

Mobility, video, collaboration, availability, presence are not any more innovation themes but mandatory services effectively required. Information workers are mostly required to work outside the office, being always available, enabling business to stay ahead of fast-moving competitors. Businesses require the establishment of a communication grid between remote and distributed teams of co-workers, suppliers, and partners to serve its purposes.

Unified Communications deliver real business value implementing a communication and collaboration platform to facilitate shorter process cycles, improved decision quality, excellence in customer experience and collaborative innovation. The deployment of a UC solution however, is still a challenging task in the context of infrastructure requirements, necessary skills involving cross-domain understanding and assistance in users familiarization and adoption. UniSystems guarantees the success of a UC deployment regardless of complexity and geographical disperse. 

We can help to overcome the cost obstacles that prevent the deployment of UC within your organization including among others communication savings, centralized trunking, virtualization, optimization of software licenses and reduction in operations and traveling costs. 

More important, our consulting teams will support the user adoption process, identifying and engaging the critical business roles and associated processes that can benefit from improved real time communication and providing the internal endorsement support and evidence of the benefits.


Unified Communications is the enabling technology that serves the requirements of the business today.

The growing complexity of protecting internal assets is challenged by digital business trends and young workers culture like BYOD, public cloud services and access to social networks. Revision of the network security strategy is imperative but is a complex and costly task. 

IT security leaders must achieve an effective security control posture encompassing standards, processes, policies, and technology aiming to eliminate security gaps and to fulfill compliance requirements. Mandates, such as 24/7 monitoring, log management and analysis security skills, lead to the implementation of an outsourcing security strategy to trusted 3rd parties; security management or cloud-based security delivery services is the immediate action to inherit the resource and capacity know-how to detect and respond to threats while maintaining complete control of operational costs.

As one of the largest IT integrators in the area, with a deep understanding and expertise on the IT security threats, Uni Systems, consult you to:

  • Assess the existing security architecture by identifying risks and providing advice to improve security based on business priorities;
  • Enhance your security processes and compliance to corporate policy or other standards;
  • Implement an effective managed services or cloud based security strategy;
  • Support security management lifecycle services by ensuring compliance, minimizing operation costs and exposure to risks.

Uni Systems network security solutions are enabled by:

  • Strategic partnerships with leading security technology vendors for the provision of solutions that support your business needs;
  • High caliber certified security professionals with the ability to design, implement, integrate and manage your security infrastructure.








End to End Protection with Uni Systems

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