Business Solutions

Simplifying Business Processes

As your business grows and evolves, so do the systems and technologies you use to operate. Adapting your systems to your needs can be daunting. Uni Systems’ business solutions simplify this process so you can focus on driving your business where it needs to go. Our business solutions portfolio include platform based infrastructure and services, like RDBMS, SOA, BPM & portals and enterprise applications, like CRM, HCM, BI & DWH, ECM and ERP. We combine these solutions with our integration and customization services, business specialization and expertise.

For many years, Uni Systems has successfully deployed such solutions in major projects across public and private sectors, including finance and telecommunications industries.

By covering an entire range of specialised services, from design to implementation and support, Uni Systems becomes a strategic partner for customers, helping them anticipate their needs and invest in business solutions that offer added value to their enterprises.

Enterprise Applications

In today’s demanding corporate environment, designing and developing the right enterprise application, could satisfy too many separate requirements. Enterprise applications, are data-centric systems than remain at the user's service and should meet requirements for stringent security flexible administration and easy maintenance.
Highly complex systems ready to meet many different corporate needs. Uni Systems business applications include client relationship management, human capital management and payroll, enterprise content and collaboration management, business intelligence and mobile applications. The majority of these solutions can either be implemented at clients’ premises or they can be provided over the cloud, as a service, through Uni Systems’ state-ofthe-art data center.
We at Uni Systems, having more than 15 years of experience in Enterprise Applications, have in depth know how of these systems, as well as of the needs of the market.
Enterprise Performance Management, as well as Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are offered on demand.


More than 1000 business solutions and applications, powered by Uni Systems, create the working environment of thousands of professionals across industries 

In a highly challenging and an ever changing environment, within which global organizations navigate a “new world of work”; one in which “softer” areas such as culture and engagement, empowerment, leadership, and development have become urgent priorities, and one that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources, Uni Systems, for more than 32+ years dynamically and continuously invests in various Human Resources & Payroll Solutions, Technological  Platforms, Tools, and Applications to successfully address these modern business issues.
In this new world of work, within which the barriers between work and life have been all but eliminated, employees are “always on” - hyper connected to their jobs through modern pervasive mobile technologies, and human resources organizations face increasing demands to measure and monitor the new and larger organizational culture, and at the same time strive to simplify the work environment, redesign work to help employees and contingent workers adapt, and secure steady growth, Uni Systems develops, evolves, and supplies organizations with Uni Systems AtomoPlus HR & Payroll Integrated in-house powerful Solution, and at the same time and for more than 20+ years holds a strategic partnerships with Oracle on Oracle PeopleSoft HCM Solution and on Oracle Cloud HCM Solutions; Oracle Taleo HCM and Oracle Fusion HCM.

As momentum calls for creativity, bold leadership, fast decision making, immediate actions, and a fundamental reimagining of the practices HR leaders have used for years, Uni Systems’ various Human Capital Management and Payroll Offerings utilize technologically advanced tools such as internet, portals, self-service capabilities, dashboards, analytical tools, as well as “smart” - innovative business processes, best-of-breed practices and highly dynamic workflow mechanisms to maximize results, minimize direct and indirect costs of initial investment, and at the same time reduce the overall implementation time and effort.
Serving an extended base of satisfied customers, which includes more than 60 major groups, companies, banks and organizations, through high added value services that ensure speedy implementation, optimal solution potential capitalization and quick return on investment, UniSystems delivers all its Solutions as On-Premise Implementations or as a Service to fully address Business Organization/ Business Empowerment/ Business Mobilization/ Business Expansion.

AtomoPlus Payroll System

AtomoPlus, is an innovative, flexible and fully integrated Payroll and HR management system that provides complete control over all aspects of payroll and human resources related operations. Internally developed and continuously improved constitutes one of the most cutting-edge, functional Payroll and HR Management system, adaptable to meet the business challenges and operational requirements of all modern businesses, turning payroll processing into a dynamic accurate and easily controlled process.
AtomoPlus covers all the Payroll and HR Management related business needs with a complete modules portfolio that fully manages:

  • Workforce administration data and Job Data;
  • Interfaces for importing | exporting data to other systems such as Excel and Word;
  • Payroll processing with fully retroactive allowances – cash flows | Online management of settlements;
  • Labor agreements;
  • Salary Budgeting – ‘what if’ scenarios;
  • Leaves, absences, staff loans;
  • Punch in and out, time presence;
  • Powerful Report Generator.

Using a friendly and ‘familiar’ browser interface, an efficient rules-based engine in a multinational, pure internet environment, and ‘best practices’ functionality, AtomoPlus provides significant savings in data entry, calculation time, and manual intervention, allowing for less time preparing and running the payroll and absences processing and achieving results that are more accurate.
AtomoPlus Payroll system is also offered as a Cloud service, through Uni Systems dynamic Data Center, with a fixed monthly cost per employee per month.
AtomoPlus supports operationally more than 120 Enterprises and Groups of Companies for more than 30 years.
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In today’s multi-dimensional and constantly changing business environment, where technology drives  developments and trends in the ways customers communicate with enterprises, where customer needs demand 24x7 services, and the competition between enterprises is on the increase, the adoption of an integrated, customer-oriented strategy is one of the most important measures to provide you with the competitive advantage and the surplus value you seek.
Since 1996 Uni Systems has been active in the design, parameterization and implementation of simple and complex Customer Relationship Management and Development Systems, which drive developments in customer-oriented approaches and support the potential of today’s technology and business practices, in an integrated and dynamic way.
We invest in strategic collaboration with global vendors, implementing according to operational requirements and business needs, top platforms of the global market. These platforms are based entirely on Internet technologies, without the need for software in every job position, and incorporate, at the same time, full integration potential related to major CTI systems in the market, allowing end users the benefits of an integrated interface.

Serving an extended base of satisfied customers, Uni Systems approaches each CRM project in an integrated manner, combining features and potential which establish a unique set of values in the market and that ensures multiple benefits for modern enterprises and organizations:

  • Complete (360°+1°) views of the customers, regardless of  communication channel—web, telephone, fax, e-mail—with whichever part of the enterprise they come into contact, at the same time making assessments and using quantity and quality criteria to evaluate each customer’s performance;
  • Automation, and optimum consolidation of sales, customer management and marketing campaign processes throughout the enterprise;
  • An integrated, user friendly, and easy-to-use work environment;
  • Personalized Customer Experience;
  • Optimum Data Security;
  • Specifically Customized services to customers, effectively combining all available information and data;
  • Full Support of Commercial Strategies.


By drawing on its business and technical know-how in complex implementations of Customer Relationship Management Systems, Uni Systems supports with high added value services, the development of operational extensions designed to serve enterprises of all types and sizes, with the sole aim to capitalize and in the best possible manner, on the Customer Relationship investments.


The uniform and secure management of the entire lifecycle of any type of document, including text documents, e-mail messages, web pages, or multimedia, calls for integrated solutions. Uni Systems has in-depth knowledge of integrated ECM & Collaboration systems and the ability to deliver 100% on performance. These vital systems enable the management of all processes and components that relate —to whatever degree— to the aggregate unstructured information forwarded by an organization. Today, companies and organisatons recognize the value of collating diffused information in creating greater understanding and a more effective and profitable collaboration among all team members. 

At a glance, our systems offer solutions for:

  • Document digitization;
  • Document management;
  • Information search/ retrieval;
  • Business process automation;
  • Flexible collaboration among groups and executives;
  • Knowledge & content management.

With these solutions, every organization enjoys multiple benefits:
  • Filing needs for all information—customised according to need;
  • Management of incoming and outgoing information managed by designated users on a daily basis;
  • Full support and automation of procedures;
  • Flexibility in the implementation and further improvement of organizational operations without limitations.

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to an array of data management, analysis, and presentation techniques and practices that offer speedy access to large volumes of reliable information (for example, major KPIs) that enable a timely, valid and effective decision making process.

Business Intelligence solutions offer data collection, organization and processing capabilities from different points/sources of an enterprise, creating a large, uniform, and integrated volume of data and contributing to making timely and documented business decisions.

To provide solutions of outstanding quality, Uni Systems has actively invested in human capital and Business Intelligence technology, to promote solutions that can be quickly developed, with the least amount of risk for your enterprise. These integrated solutions ensure that each component has been optimised to meet specific business intelligence needs and offer simple and secure implementation with the maximum business benefit.

Uni Systems provides integrated Business Intelligence solutions and services for specific vertical markets—Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance and Industry and others—in the fields of Data Assessment, Data Cleansing, ETL, DWH, DataMart, OLAP, Data Mining, and Smart Reporting.

Mobile working is one of the strongest trends in today’s business environment. In line with, and on the cutting edge of market trends, Uni Systems has developed the Uni Systems Mobile Applications (Uni | Apps) service. This service responds to market needs shaped by rapid developments in mobile device technology and the high degree of acceptance and penetration in their user base.
A large number of capabilities at the device level, as well as their intelligent utilisation from dedicated program (applications) development teams—in conjunction with a flexible and friendly system of distribution to end users—commenced an impressive journey that represents a unique implementation example of a highly successful e-commerce model today.

In parallel with the expansion of their use, new mobile communication devices offer highly extended and new capabilities and features, such as access to digital services from practically anywhere, strictly personal use of devices, secure online transactions, interactive data exchange and more. Users of smart devices (smartphones, tablets) may select the services they desire by purchasing and installing applications on their devices and can, at the same time, use an interactive, direct communication channel with the suppliers of the services without the interference of intermediary third parties.
With the full support of wireless communication providers (a smart device + telephony combination), this model did not require a long time to reach a critical mass of users, representing one of the most attractive "target groups" for Companies/ Organizations/ Institutions that could pursue their activities by promoting their services through the development of the proper applications.


Executives and decision makers have in their hands the most up-to-date information on products, prices, availability or customer positions, as well as full field service information. At the same time, they may update systems in real time, offering more accurate estimates on pursued sales targets, paving the way for important revenue and production resource savings.

ACE ERP is an integrated enterprise resource management and process automation software. It provides a single operating environment as well as direct and accurate information to all units of an organization. It is a fully integrated tool for managing business resources for all companies. Developed, supported and maintained by professionals, its goal is to optimize and effectively manage business by providing rationally structured information. 
ACE ERP system is modular and very flexible, so that a customer can request any module configuration with features that cover its needs.

  • Accounting (Analytical Accounting, Analysis)
  • Purchases (Orders - Quoting, Analysis)
  • Sales (Price List, Analysis, Retail)
  • Customers (Orders - Quoting, Analysis)
  • Suppliers (Orders - Quoting, Analysis)
  • Assets
  • Cash management (Checks, analysis)
  • Inventory
  • Financial Reports
  • Revenue - Expenses (Analysis)
  • Technical support
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • HR (Human Resources Management)

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The key features of the system are summarized as follows:

  • Cost-centric ERP with multiple cost centers
  • Multiple budget composition and tracking 
  • Integrated financial management
  • Fully customizable
  • MIS Reports
  • Easy and flexible installation procedures
  • User profiles with multiple security levels
  • Expandable and adaptable to the company's activities and requirements
  • Supports parent and affiliated companies in a single database
  • Friendly user interface
  • Management of any number of projects
  • Management of any number of cost centers, costing models and budgets
  • Tree-structurer budgets for easy management 

These features provide the users with specific benefits:

  • Integration of business processes
  • Improvement of the flow of financial information between departments of the company
  • Ability to analyze the progress of each activity in relation to the budget
  • Improvement of the financial results and reduction of operating costs
  • Reliability of reports and financial statements

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