Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums

Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums 

Universities, international museums, galleries, private & public libraries have a vested interest to share their collections of unique and rare materials in a unified way with their community of citizens, students, and researchers. Such institutions face increasing pressure to provide value-added services, flexibility and unified access to their material to end users, all within limited budgets.

We are currently a leader in Southeast Europe, Middle East and North Africa, providing complete solutions and services for Libraries, Archives and Museums since 1997. Our Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA) experts unlocks institutions’ assets and creates online unified, confederated environments providing a full range of state-of-the-art services to end users, with solutions that cover Library Automation Services platforms, integrated RFID Security and Material Handling Systems, Digital Library and Cultural Heritage Asset Management Systems.


For all of the above solutions a full range of services are offered: consulting, design, analysis, implementation, integration, transformation/modernization, data conversion and migration, training, RFID initialization and inventory, cataloguing & documentation, digitization, monitor, support and outsourcing.


Uni Systems supports libraries not only with state of the art technological solutions, but also with services distinguished by quality and consistency. 

  • Library Business Consultation
  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Configuration with existing ILS
  • Training
  • Support Tagging

Uni|Culture cloud solution provides TMS and eMuseum over the cloud. Our team will keep your system up to date and handle all system administration duties.

  • Installation 
  • Implementation 
  • Training 
  • Support
  • Data migration 
  • Interactive Apps
  • Digitization

Uni Systems holds more than 17 years of solid library automation experience. Our team of experts offers,

  • Implementation
  • Data migration
  • Training
  • Cataloguing 
  • Retrospective classification

Uni Systems works with you at every step of your project, from initial idea to successful completion

  • Digitization
  • Cataloguing
  • Data convention
  • Data migration
  • Collection preparation for permanent moves


Uni Systems is the exclusive distributor of Bibliotheca for Greece and Cyprus. Bibliotheca is dedicated to the development of solutions that help sustain and grow libraries around the world. Bibliotheca products are designed to provide a welcoming, intuitive and seamless environment for those that use the library – wherever they chose to use it - be that at home, on the move or within the foundation of the library itself.
Bibliotheca has direct operational offices in all major continents, together with dedicated distributors, who offer library solutions across a further 70 countries. Bibliotheca proudly has over 30,000 unique libraries as part of Bibliotheca family, with a deployed equipment range in excess of 10,000 individual self-service units, 6,000 security systems and over 650 automated materials handling (sorter) systems. In addition, Bibliotheca digital platform features content from over 1,000 publishers and is available through almost 3,000 libraries.
From day one Uni Systems will work with you to devise a project plan that suits your needs. Our team will help you plan your library installation from the start by reviewing your technology needs, strategic plans and long-term library objectives. As qualified RFID & EM specialists, with a track record in library operational savings, we will ensure that your technology project has been through from every angle and works within your budgetary parameters.

Our Solutions 

  • Self-service

Benefits for Patrons

  • Relevant recommendations
  • Outstanding user experience
  • Easy-to-use,familiar design
  • Clear guidance
  • Informed updates
  • Informed updates
  • Accout activity
  • Detailed receipt

Benefits for Library staff

  • Free your staff from the  desk
  • Showcase your digital collection
  • Flexible design to match your library
  • Endless configuration options 
  • Powerful partners hips for data & events
  • Make decisions with datadriven success
  • Receive automated updates
  • Adhering to global library standards
  • Return & Sorting 

Automated return and sortation systems allow your staff the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with patrons and carry out more meaningful tasks. Our range of solutions provides options for all library situations. From minimal budget and space constraints to fully involved complex sorting systems, we have a solution that will fit your exact needs. All systems will automatically process returned items and transport them into the correct destination without taking up precious staff time. 
We build your library installation around the specifications you give us. With many factors to consider when choosing the right solution for your library, we make sure to guide you through the process with ease and simplicity.

  • Staff Tools

Process security with EM, will ensure the security is properly turned on or off to be sure your library collection is not leaving the building without being properly checked out.
Process multiple items with RFID, without the need to open a single cover or locate a single barcode.
Convert barcode to RFID, offering the quickest and easiest workflow.

  • Inventory  Solutions 

By reading the RFID tags in your collection, Bibliotheca inventory devices are able to determine detailed information such as item title, security status, hold requests, last borrow date, items that will cause an alarm and many more. 

  • Security Detection Systems 

Whether you’re using RFID or EM detection systems, you will instantaneously be alerted if items that shouldn’t leave the library pass through the security barrier.

  • Mobile Staff Workstation 

Bibliotheca mobile solutions allow library staff to effortlessly decrease patron waiting times during busy periods and increase efficient customer / staff interactions by offering basic transaction functionality.

  • Central Management

Central management solutions provide control over device settings without the need to be in front of the actual hardware. Individual settings for devices are synchronized with the ability to be altered remotely. By quickly applying settings across your entire range of equipment, your staff can focus on more customer related interactions. Our software will also immediately alert you of any system issues to address.

  • Cloud Library 

The world’s leading eBook and audiobook solution, Cloud Library is designed to be accessible to library users wherever they want to read or listen. It boasts the best cross-platform user experience, offering intuitive browsing, downloading, reading, and listening and is the only platform that can integrate fully with self-service kiosks and discovery stations inside your library. Take a tour of our feature-rich solution to understand every aspect of how you can engage with your users and keep them coming back for more. 
Why choose Cloud Library:

  • Extremely simple sign-up and sign-in process
  • Achieve more circulation from your digital titles
  • Deliver an outstanding user experience
  • Attract new digital users from within your library
  • Powerful tools for collection development
  • Marketing tools and support to help promote your digital collection

Contact us to give your more information on language support

  • Consumables

We offer a selection of consumable products to supplement our existing product range. These include our ISO compliant RFID and Tattle-Tape® EM library tags, suitable for use with all book types and audio-visual materials. The smartlabel500™ is a highly visible and high frequency RFID tag for high value items. Our multimedia locking cases hold single or multiple CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays and other types of media discs. We also supply smartreceipt™ 60gsm paper rolls for our smartserve™ kiosk range. 

Uni Systems is the exclusive distributor of Gallery Systems for Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta and Cyprus. Together with Gallery Systems, we set the stage for continual reinvention, driving the cultural world forward.  With a focus in collections and exhibitions management, conservation management, digital assets management and collections online publishing software and services we deliver a robust solution that expertly manages your collections and share them with your community.

  • The Museum System (TMS) 

The Museum System (TMS) is the Enterprise software for collections and exhibitions management
The Museum System (TMS) is the world’s leading collection management software, handling every facet of collections both large and small, from objects and exhibitions to insurance policies, shipping activities, and more. Top institutions worldwide share their experience and build together the next day of TMS.

  • eMuseum 

TMS Collection Web publishing toolkit that helps you Share your Collection on the Web. 
eMuseum is a powerful and straightforward solution for your website, intranet, and kiosks. Build in the latest technology, the solutions is device responsive and comes with a rich API that will allow you to build your institution’s applications based on your content in a safe and easy way. 

  • Conservation Studio 

Conservation Studio is developed in collaboration with Conservators for conservation management. Delivered fully browser-based, smoothly integrated with TMS. Now the complicated work and reports of your conservation processes become a dynamic part of your organization and share in a productive way the value of the conservator’s work.

  • Media Studio  

Media Studio is the digital asset management system that lets you consolidate, organize, locate, and share your organization’s media with ease. Worry free rights and reproduction, secure enterprise, wide access and complete media control. Browser-based and fully integrated with TMS. 

Uni Systems as the exclusive distributor of all Innovative Interfaces products for Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria is offering the international leading solution for libraries, the Sierra Services Platform. With a proven library workflow technology and a complete resource management approach Sierra Services Platform has the power and scale of an open system architecture.


  • WebPAC Pro;
  • Cataloging;
  • Circulation;
  • Acquisitions;
  • Serials;
  • Electronic Resource Management.

Uni Systems, also, provides Encore discovery solution. The Encore Discovery Solution brings the complete library experience into the light. With Encore, you’ll deliver fantastic search that brings anything you want to light – scholarly articles, books, local digital collections, and more. It’s simple enough for new library users, and deep enough to satisfy exacting researchers.
Innovative has forged partnerships with content providers so Encore libraries can integrate a full range of resources. For example Library users can initiate eBook checkouts and place holds for eBooks directly in the Encore environment with 3M™ Cloud Library integration with Encore empowers social interaction with the library with a rich database of trusted ratings and reviews written by library users. 


  • Fantastic, single search results
  • Integration of articles, books, eBooks, digital collections
  • Real time ILS/LSP integration
  • 3M Cloud Library integration
  • Encore Duet option

Establish your digital library through which you can manage, preserve and share the intellectual production of your institute and scholarly information resources in the most secure and easy way. Uni Systems will be next to you in every step of implementing and configuring the online environment of your library based on international standards. 

Uni Systems’ mobile based solution for cultural sector delivers secure and reliable connectivity to organizations as well as enhances visitors’ experience. Uni Systems partners with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Mobile 72 to bring CultureMapp solution to its customers. 
CultureMapp solution offers to cultural organizations the opportunity to provide a range of services tailored exclusively to its audience. Special thematic routes or location based optimal routes, indoor location, turn-by-turn navigation, push notifications, ticket purchasing, space fullness check-up, even Virtual Reality and Gamification elements are only some of the features that the audience can enjoy from its mobile or tablet through the organizations private branded application.

Using HPE Aruba Beacons and the Meridian Mobile App Platform on the back end, cultural organizations can gather valuable data on visitors that will help them learn more about visitor behavior and needs, so they can develop better, more targeted marketing campaigns and promotions, as well as manage visitor flows. CultureMapp can be integrated into existing network infrastructure or implemented as stand-alone, fully functional solution. 
CultureMapp enables cultural organizations to discover new and innovative ways to provide better, more engaging and interactive experiences for their visitors.

From open source to proprietary software and from premises installation to uni culture cloud Uni Systems provides the right solution for you. 

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