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Uni Systems is offering customized telecom solutions by our own specialized consultants and experienced engineers. Our solutions meet the requirements of any telecom operator, covering ICT needs, from infrastructure to networks and business applications, according to the eTOM/TMF Business Process Framework. Specifically, Uni Systems provides infrastructure design, implementation and support services for networks and data centers. We are experts in interoperability and IT security while abiding by the telecom provider’s policy and regulatory framework. We also offer services in remote and secure access solutions, business applications, and cloud computing.

Uni|Case,a CDR/IPDR Forensic Investigations Case Management framework is focused on managing investigation requests from regulators and legal authorities. Uni Systems constantly develops innovative solutions that allow our clients to take full advantage of new technologies so that they can offer their end clients cutting-edge services and products. The Telecommunications Sector’s integrated solutions and services address Incumbent Communication Service Providers, Mobile operators and over Over The Top players alike.


Uni Systems clientele includes major telecommunications providers, having offered solutions that provide competitive advantage and address the market's growing needs. The main objectives for increased competitiveness and productivity, through reduction of operating costs, lead to technological superiority.

Communications service providers (CSPs) i.e. Incumbent Telcos, Cellular Operators and new Entrants are looking to develop their networks to provide new services. The needs of subscribers are changing due to the increase of smart user devices, cloud adoption, video services consumption and the Always-On connected promise. 

At the same time, competition and decrease of the Average Revenue Per User, dictates the development of a cost-effective network strategy, in order to:

  • lower OPEX;
  • Improve user experience;
  • Provide customer care excellence;
  • Introduce new non-commoditized services. 

Scalability, very high bandwidth beyond 100G, minimal network delay, optical network convergence, intelligent Layer 4-7 services for network monetization, support of different access protocols and environmental awareness are considered key enablers for CSP core networks. With agility and customized network slicing as strategic network requirements, CSPs have high interest in network function virtualization (NFV) and, eventually, software-defined networking (SDN) to increase elasticity and capacity, decrease costs and proactively manage traffic peaks and growth.

As one of the largest integrators in the area, with a deep understanding and expertise on the Telecom sector, Uni Systems is the ideal partner to guarantee the transition to the next generation of Core network technologies. 

Our strategic, commercially-proven partnerships with the leading network vendors, proven experience and ability to design, implement, integrate, and manage Carrier Class networks, ensure the un-paralleled success of the related engagements.

Video and content-rich services changed the way people work, communicate and entertain themselves. New applications and traffic demand require major network investments, without guaranteeing Return of Investment.

In parallel, residential any-play services - including cable, DSL, Passive Optical Network (PON), Ethernet to the premises (ETTx) and Cloud optimized business VPN services, disrupt and challenge the existing network investments.

Uni Systems proven expertise in the design, implementation and operations of Carrier Class networking solutions, can serve to balance this disruption. Our mission is to enable Communication Service Providers to carry more traffic and services and at the same time maintain the margins, profits and subscriber experience at the highest possible levels. Through intelligent virtualization and programmability, standard based SDN technology and service orchestration, we can assist to lower operational costs and in parallel accelerate innovation service delivery and availability.
UniSystems is here to help in the deployment of new services, for entering new markets, to reduce operational costs and monetizing new profitable services.

New mobile applications, video and content- rich services, broad usage of smart devices create the new demand that Mobile Operator Networks have to cope with. 

Explosive requirements for bandwidth result in variable, unbalanced and unpredictable network performance. Deploying extra capacity is costly, inefficient and ineffective, while “all you can consume” plans is the typical way to unprofitable subscribers. 

Uni Systems can serve Mobile Operators to layer and control subscriber usage through the monetization of network resources. By deploying flexible real-time billing capabilities, fair usage policies, flexible service plans and on-demand chargeable services (bandwidth boost, 24-hour service pass etc.), you can enhance marketing activities while meeting revenue and profitability objectives.

We are here to support you to increase the value of network, dynamically respond to changes, optimize network resources and built customer loyalty.

Modern Telecommunication and Service providers face a significant challenge: to meet customer expectations and increase revenue while reducing operational cost and deal with network service complexity. Mandates, such as “zero touch” with process flow automation, built services/products from re-usable components, continuous portfolio innovation, provide “more with less” and provide personalized service to the customers, challenge the Business and Operations strategy.

Uni Systems can assist Telco’s and Service Providers to Lean their Operations based on the e-TOM standard business process framework. Uni Systems can consult to succeed the balance between efficiency and effectiveness, revenue increase and cost reduction.

We can support you to achieve new services innovation, increase customer loyalty, enable time to market through service bundling, right-size the network, identify and control revenue leakage.

Our services portfolio encompasses all telecommunication providers’ needs, from advisory, to deployment, operation, optimization, technical support and turnkey projects.

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